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Progenomics LLC Launches "Aquamist," an Ultrasonic Lipstick-Sized Portable Beauty Steamer – Sun, Dec 9, 2012. Progenomics LLC, a publishing/consulting, trading company and manufacturer, has launched the “Aquamist,” an ultrasonic lipstick-sized beauty steamer, for sale on Amazon USA just in time for Christmas.




This powerful portable steamer is not much larger or heavier than a lipstick case and quickly converts water into a fine cool mist that instantly increases the level of moisture in skin to effectively avoid skin moisture loss.

Compared with other portable steamers, this little gadget packs a real punch, converting 1 ml of water in its 10 ml reservoir to ultra-small water droplets only 15 micrometers in size in just 30 seconds, with high speed ultrasonic vibrations that top 180,000 times per second.

Since skin pores are about 40-70 micrometers in size, the water particles produced by the Aquamist are easily absorbed into the skin. Micron-sized particles are known to spread more evenly over the skin, which means the Aquamist is able to deliver superior moisturizing and skin care.

In addition to its powerful misting action, the Aquamist is just as convenient to use. A flick of the thumb and it slides open, releasing cool mist for 30 seconds. Additionally, there are no separate parts; just open the top and add water. The device runs on 2 AAA batteries.

The Aquamist was designed and manufactured with Laser-LIGA technology, which is based on the electroforming of polymer moulds formed by excimer laser ablation, the type used in the production of microelectronic devices, for eye surgery, and micromachining.

In creating the Aquamist, this laser process was used to make the micron sized holes from which water is shaped and extruded. The technology allows the holes to be produced with depths of up to several hundred microns and with a surface roughness of only 100 nm. “This means that every water droplet coming out of the Aquamist is of a uniform size and shape because the holes are very smooth,” explained Dr. Bestilny, CEO of Progenomics LLC. “This results in an even coating of the skin and maximum absorbance of moisture into the underlying skin layer.”

Dr. Bestilny added, “Of course, there are other small misters on the market, but if you actually test them, what you will find is that for most, the flow of mist that comes out is quite weak, so the slightest breeze dissipates it into the wind, and most of the mist winds up going everywhere except your face. With the Aquamist, the water flow rate is very fast so the mist comes out much stronger, going to where you want it to go. Also, the Aquamist has a very simple water replacement system. You just open the cap, pour in 10 ml of water, snap it shut and you’re good to go.”

In addition to use for beauty applications and in combating dry air during winter, there is an additional benefit to using the product in summertime. Because the mist particles are so small, their overall surface area is much larger compared to typical misting fans. This means that evaporation occurs over much more of the surface of the water particles that come out, resulting in an accentuated evaporative cooling effect. “The temperature of the mist on your face coming from the Aquamist feels quite cool and refreshing. So I also see a use for this in summertime to keep cool, as well as for hot flashes,” Dr. Bestilny said.

Applications of the Aquamist include: Basic skin care after face washing, make up fix, moisture for sunburns, itch-soothing, smoothing out hair, cooling down in summer, hot flashes, moisturizing the air in dry places such as airplanes, hotel rooms, etc.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite aroma to the water to turn your steamer into an aroma delivery device.

In addition to the USA through Amazon, the Aquamist will also be made available shortly in Japan and in Canada. Pre-orders for the next manufacturing run will also be accepted from the company’s website

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