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Progenomics LLC offers service to list its Amazon Japan customers’ products on the Yahoo Japan shopping portal.


Progenomics LLC offers service to list its Amazon Japan customers’ products on the Yahoo Japan shopping portal. – Sun, Oct 19, 2013. Progenomics LLC today announced a service to list its clients’ most popular FBA products selling on Amazon Japan to the Yahoo! Japan shopping portal. “This new service offers a whole new platform on which we can help our clients sell their products in Japan, said Dr. James Bestilny, owner of Progenomics LLC, a business solutions company that helps foreign businesses sell their products on Amazon Japan.

In Japan, the top 3 major net platforms for selling are: Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo in that order.

The most English-friendly of these three is Amazon, and is therefore a natural place for foreign businesses to start their online sales in Japan. A significant 62% of online shoppers visit Amazon Japan.

“But ultimately, you will want to expand your net presence in Japan, because, just as e-Bay and Amazon in the US have very different types of customers, so to do the different e-commerce platforms in Japan. In many cases, Yahoo shopping customers only shop at Yahoo, while Amazon customers stay loyal to Amazon.”

Yahoo Japan hosts about 20,000 businesses on its shopping site, and holds a not too shabby 6 percent of Japan’s 4 trillion-yen e-commerce market (compared to 24 percent for Rakuten and 12 percent for Amazon).

“By making our clients’ popular selling products on Amazon Japan searchable on the Yahoo Shopping platform, we can increase their exposure and sales in Japan,” said Dr. Bestilny. “And what’s good about already being set up on Amazon through FBA is that we can use Amazon’s highly developed multi-channel fulfillment shipping option to pack and ship the Yahoo shopping orders. We can even offer to fulfill orders by COD.”


Japan’s online retail market is expanding

There is a definite benefit for foreign businesses to focus on e-commerce in Japan. Total retail sales in Japan have dropped every year since 2006, while over the same period, total online sales have grown markedly.

By 2011, Japanese e-commerce retail spending had reached at least $46 billion, and with growth running at 7%, the market is on course to hit $62 billion by 2016.

“This is excellent news for foreign retailers,” explained Dr. Bestilny. “Before, you had to be well connected to get your products into retail stores and finally into the hands of Japanese consumers. The business environment is very conservative in Japan. It’s all about who you know. Now, we have e-commerce taking over and it is easier than ever for foreign sellers to take their products directly to the Japanese consumer. Now with this new service, we will be able to help companies do just that even better.”

Progenomics LLC is a consulting/publishing company, trading company, and manufacturer of its own soon to be released line of consumer products. The company has offices in Canada, the USA, and Japan and has been in business since 2007.

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